5 years ago
so there's only 4 people signed up and probably fewer check the forum, but i'm gonna write some stuff i guess, for my benefit if not anyone else's.

right now we're trying to retag everything with numbering the boys and girls in each picture, e.g. 4boys or 1girl. also we're trying to get rid of the tagme tag, wherever possible ... but i don't think that should be a priority, because it's a scourge we'll never truly beat.

currently i think we are
-tagging genderbent characters as their cis/physical gender (e.g. genderbent kenny with boobs = 1girl)
-NOT tagging marjorine as a girl unless butters is clearly spouting boobs or female genitalia

aaaaaand i guess that's it. i'm trying to get the 1boy tag up to 1000 right now, almost there......
5 years ago
k did some retagging

current stats
1boy: 1459
2boys: 1000
3boys: 110
4boys: 265

1girl: 256
2girls: 47
3girls: 11
4girls: 10
5 years ago
still going~~~

current stats
1boy: 2243
2boys: 1490
3boys: 152
4boys: 386

1girl: 379
2girls: 67
3girls: 14
4girls: 16
5 years ago

current stats
1boy: 3021
2boys: 2321
3boys: 266
4boys: 753

1girl: 580
2girls: 108
3girls: 15
4girls: 28


tagme: 1887
5 years ago
we're wreckin it
5 years ago
Laptop gonna be witbhout internet for a few days so ill be takin a booru break~
5 years ago
i'll be manning the fort

god help us all
5 years ago
sldkfjsaif hey

i think the girl/boy tagging is ALMOST done ... almost ... im gonna stop focusing on it now ~

current stats
1boy: 4569
2boys: 3135
3boys: 312
4boys: 796
5boys: 141
6boys: 69
7boys: 40
8boys: 21
9boys: 33
10boys: 19

1girl: 798
2girls: 146
3girls: 17
4girls: 30
5girls: 8
6girls: 3

tagme: 219 (the majority are child posts, at this point)

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