5 years ago
statistical skex order evaluation REDO
4 months ago i made this chart

now that the booru is well on its way i have decided to continue feeding my mental illness by tagging every instance of the four boys (stan kyle eric and kenny) on the SAME PLANE, VOID of any other characters. this means they must be in a line not a circle, not a pyramid, not anything except four people aligned in a single plane. i have tagged as many pictures as i could find with the initial system i use and happily there is a much bigger pool currently on the booru than there was on my computer when i first gathered the statistics! so it's interesting to see what numbers have changed.

s=stan k=kyle e=eric x=kenny
an * means the order count moved up

SKEX   180           269
XSKE   169           238
ESKX   93            122
XESK   76            90
SKXE   74           *101
EXSK   39            57
SEKX   22            43
ESXK   20            26
SXKE   20           *40
XSEK   16            24
SXEK   13            18
SEXK   9             5

TTL    731           1033

so the first weird thing is: why did the least common order SEXK go DOWN when i put all my pics up on booru?? i think it's cuz when i first did the count i included pictures with butters standing on the same plane as the 4 boys. this time i decided not to count those because i feel like having butters there can affect how artists decide to arrange the characters.

apart from that, the numbers are very consistent with the first chart i made! SKEX and XSKE always dominate, and SEXK is just completely unappealing to people (probably because stan/eric, eric/kenny, and kenny/kyle are relatively unpopular pairings). the top 6 still all place stan and kyle next to each other. im hungry
5 years ago
sex k is unappealing
5 years ago
SKEX   269           335
XSKE   238           273
ESKX   122           142
SKXE   101           117
XESK   90            97
EXSK   57            73
SEKX   43            54         
SXKE   40            48
ESXK   26            29
XSEK   24            26
SXEK   18            19
SEXK   5             8

TTL   1033           1221

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