5 years ago
legwear tag reference dealer
alrighty i did some tag gardening and i propose we do legwear stuff like this

i originally had an umbrella tag for legwear but i decided to scrap it. instead the tags being used will be socks, thighhighs, tights, and leggings.

socks will be for run-of-the-mill socks (post #9114) as well as kneehighs (post #6811)
thighhighs will be for both overknees (post #4185) and "true" thighhighs (post #4129). the socks tag can go here if said clothing is particularily socklike (post #6946) but for the most part the two are separate
tights is for all hosiery that covers the lower body completely, both sheer (post #154) and opaque (post #5106)
i dunno how often leggings will show up but it'll be for hosiery that doesn't cover the feet (post #5416)

i also started up tags for striped_legwear, argyle_legwear, and fishnet_legwear. these can apply to any of the above.

happy tagging

legwear is serious business ok
5 years ago
vick u have saved us all in this time of crisis

i'll do my best to follow this, i know i've been totally all over the place with tagging legwear :>
5 years ago
i see now that there's a kneesocks tag... i originally didn't think we'd get that much mileage out of differentiating between those and normal socks but it's a-okay with me to keep it around!

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