4 years ago
can we make a list of SP art sites/blogs??
like personal art sites
first, GENERIC SP ART SITES?? man idk

akaya -
amane -
denmeka -
doufu (better known as katsu) -
dust66 -
ichigo1love -
keshin -
kohira -
kurohimearisu -
marakami -
misaki -
okibana/tokuninashi -
pattamu/tamu -

pepokoppo AND peporanodon -
pnbt -
 (u:(blank space) pw: tacco)

sabure -
saishirou -
senken -

shibainu -
spooky4410 -
sumono -
usahtf -
waku -
ya_mon -
yuuki -
yyy -
zerohour/ikumaru -

z-kakka -

momoko -

4 years ago
sorry if i'm super late on this, but like
aside from this site and the ygallery/dA groups and tumblr tags there are few specifically-sp art sites out there
but as long as we're on the topic, the artist z-kakka has a blog, mostly consisting of south park art
and kohira has a tumblr:
4 years ago
thanks! added
i know this list is super super deficient but w/e i'd rather have one than not have anything
4 years ago
Username is colorado, pass is 1997
And, shameful self promo, but my deviant art is bokunocartman and I'll occasionally post there. I'm not that great, though, and idk if my stuff is booru worthy

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