5 years ago
new tags i wanna introduce cuz im CRAZY
im sick of tagging things "sky" and "tree" and vague shit like that so i made an "outdoor" tag for when, like, ppl are outside
but mostly for when there's some outdoor scenery in the background. so not so much, like, just a picture of someone with visible breath that implies they're outside. it's more for scenery!


idk i was thinking about a "lunchroom" tag for .... the school lunchroom?? maybe this can be a thread for new tag ideas or something whatever~
5 years ago
as a new idea
i noticed theres a "scenery" tag, i dont know if i made it or osmeone else

but MAYBE pics with 1. lush outdoor scenery in which 2. the majority of the screen is dedicated to the scenery (eg there isn't a huge pic of cartman in a bikini taking up the frame)

those can also get tagged "scenery"

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